Bad Moon Band GALLERY
A collection of photos from various performances around the S. Korean peninsula.

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JT & Ness
Helping out at Osan American High School.





Memorial Day
Playing to the crowds.


G-String Aloud Dec 29, 2005 Guam, USA
Jamming with Terry and the guys of G-String Aloud in Guam.

Camp Eagle Won-Ju
Jan 08, 2004
These guys know how to pary!


BMB & Lora Band Hanging Mar 12, 2005
Birds of a feather sharing some wings before Lora's journey back to Bulgaria.


Kwang-Ju AB Nov 27, 2004
No one can tell a fish story like this guy.


Bulldoz Club
Jan 07, 2005
Playing at Mr. Pak's fine establishment.


Blind Alley
Doc's favorite hangout.



Monica & JT at the Sante Fe, Dec 29, 2005 Guam, USA
Even on vacation, we can't stay away from the music.

Songtan Wedding Hall
Feb 27, 2005
Contratulations MiNa and Yok-In.


Songtan Wedding Hall
Feb 27, 2005
JT performing solo for wedding party. Anyone understand English?


JT & Yavor Piano Bar
Feb 25, 2005
Hey, we could pass for brothers, eh?. JT with Yavor from the "Lora Band".


Annual Songtan Festival - 2005 & 2006
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Songtan Festival
Oct 8 & 9, 2005
After the gig it's time to enjoy the Korean delacacies.



JT & Ness at DHL Labor Day
Bar-B-Q, clowns, and a lot of great music.

Thanksgiving Nov, 2005 at Pat & Maria's
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Dragon Hill Lodge Sep 3, 2005
Labor Day Celebration with "Thunder" on drums.


Memorial Day
Concert behind Osan American High School.

Ji Ang & Ness
Doc's going away dinner.



Lingo & Monica Dec 29, 2005 Guam, USA
Monica & Lingo gave up a set for JT & Ness at the Sante Fe.